Just heard Tillman will not be playing with the Utes this year.

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      Needs to stay with family. Hope all works out well for them.

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      Next year is going to be a really bumpy road! Timmy Allen is going to be our experienced guy… Let that sink in.

      That being said, I totally understand Donnie’s choice and wish his family the best. Shows real maturity to make a decision like that. I have more respect for him for making this decision than I ever could have for anything he could do on a basketball court.

      I know guys have used these types of excuses to save face in the past to save face, but I don’t think this is one of those times.

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      Next year is going to be rough again. Ughhh. Wish we could get read of K. Wish Donnie Tillman the best. Hopefully everything works out for him and his family.

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      dude, this has nothing to do with our coach. He is reinforcing good values in a young man by allowing him to take a leave of absence from the team to care for his mother. Coach knows Donnie leaving could affect him negatively, and he still encouraged Donnie to do it. That says a lot about Coach’s character. Yes, it will be a bumpy ride next year, but we have a lot of talent. We are just going to be woefully inexperienced.

      At least we will get to see the cream rise to the crop with all the young guys that will surely get a shot to play next year.

      I for one am more excited about seeing this team play than I have been for a while.


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