Keys to the game on Saturday?

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        1. Utah’s offense has to score more points than Oregon to win.

        2. Utah’s defense has to stop Oregon’s offense from scoring, and it would help if the defense could score a few.

        3. Utah’s special teams needs to score points.

        This is a sound game plan that I think I will email to Coach Whitt. Or this Maybe I will let him worry about the how to’s….

        Utah really needs this win, I think they are going to be hungrier than Oregon. I am really excited to listen to this game. I will be working at the time so KALL is my eyes and ears.

        I think I feel like I know the keys to Oregon winning. Challenge Marcus Williams into some 50/50 balls. Avoid the pass rush by getting the ball out quickly. Oregon rush attacks should go sideline to sideline. Obviously you want to key on Booker offensively. Try to shut down the intermediate routes. Force Wilson to run the ball because he likes to be a gamer and you can challenge that shoulder injury.

        My predicton:Utes WIN!

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        Ute Fan

        Statistics show that teams that lead at the end of the 4th quarter win a STAGGERING 100% of the time!

        Oregon will find ways to get in the end zone. Utah just need to slow that flood of scores down. As I’ve said before, I think 30 is the magic number. Keep Oregon under 30, and we have a great shot to win.

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          Ute Fan

          Just careful with those sort is stats: correlation doesn’t necessarily = causation.

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        Ute Fan

        We have the best chance with Wilson. He is dangerous on his feet, which makes me nervous given his tendency for injury. Can’t wait to see what we do tomorrow!

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        Ute Fan

        What I think would lead to a win:

        1) Limit Adams’ ability to extend plays with his feet. This is going to require better discipline in man coverage down-field from the DBs than we’ve seen so far this season. I would imagine Paul will be spying Adams for most of the game. I would love to see Hatfield make some big plays to make Adams think twice about throwing his way.

        2) Disrupt Oregon’s tempo by mixing up the coverage in the secondary. I would think we see some hybrid coverages including some 6 Db sets that combine zone and man swaps based on formation/routes. Let’s not forget that Adams is still used to playing against FCS secondaries. He’ll make some bad reads if we mix up the coverage.

        3) O-line needs to get a push and open some holes. Booker has been wearing defenses down almost by himself. It’s fun watching him bash opponents, but he needs to be bashing at the second level to get to the third instead of breaking tackles at the line of scrimmage.

        4) Own the clock. I personally don’t like ball control offense, but I would much rather have long sustained drives rather than score quickly against Oregon. Oregon would love a shootout. They are built for shootouts. Keep the Oregon offense off the field with ball control and they will have a hard time building the rhythm that yields 21 point outbursts which they thrive off.

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          Ute Fan

          This is a really good breakdown of what we need to see. I would only add getting a strong push from the d-line. I think that was MSU’s biggest advantage on D. Their d-line, including interior , were getting so much push it consistently disrupted the beginning of every run play.

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        1. More offensive production (given the Duck’s defense this should be possible)
        2. More pressure defensively on QB
        3. Win turnover battle.
        4. Win 3rd downs on both sides.

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          Ute Fan

          I think 3rd down conversions on offense will be the key. Last year the conversion rate was abysmal. Utah needs sustained drives for both offensive confidence and momentum and also to keep the ball away from the Duck offense.

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        @3UteDad you are right about last year. The reason we were so bad on 3rd down is we were so bad on 1st and 2nd down! We were in 3rd in long constantly. Need more on 1st and 2nd down to make it 3rd and short instead of 3rd and 9. 3rd and short gives us so many more options.

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        Double B
        Ute Fan

        Our secondary. All season long we have had massive breakdowns and blown coverage and all season long the opposing quarterback has missed it. Oregon is likely to capitalize on these.

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