Kickoff Times for Final Regular Season Games

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        The Miami Ute
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        I was looking at the kickoff times for this weekend’s games and noticed that they’re all different. UCLA plays Cal on Friday, Utah and Oregon play half an hour apart early Saturday afternoon, and UW plays a night game in Pullman. In my view, since all of these games play a key role in who faces USC in the CCG, they should all have the same kickoff time. For example, if all of UCLA, Utah, and Oregon State win their contests hours before UW kicks off, UW will already know that it has zero chance to play USC in the CCG. You’d have to think that UW might not go as hard at Wazzu with that knowledge, even with it being a rivalry game.

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        D T
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        Rivalry game trumps taking the day off IMO.

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          Ute Fan

          The farm boys always want to kick the tail of the school from the big city.

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        Ute Fan

        Even if things go against Washtington, they’ll still be playing for the chance to play in the Rose Bowl. If Oregon beats OSU, but then goes to the championship, and loses to USC, then the Rose Bowl would have to decide whether to take a 10-2 Washington or a 10-3 Oregon. I think they take Washington in that scenario. 

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        Ute Dub
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