Larry Scott just tested positive for Covid-19

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      Two thumbs up for testing positive?

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        Ute Fan

        Go back to Utefans you puke. Or change your moniker to Covid-19. You’re that kid who got caught sniffing bicycle seats in elementary school.

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          Johnny, just to get this straight, you’re all worked up because I questioned why anyone would “thumbs up” someone who tested positive for a virus that has killed 134K in 4 1/2 month?  I’ll sniff whatever you’d like if we  (as americans) start taking this serious.

          BTW, school, football ect… will not happen this fall in american. (unlike most of the reast of the world) because people like you..

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            Ute Fan

            Because of “people like him”? Care to elaborate?

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            Who says the thumbs up were for the positive test?

            I routinely thumbs up posts that share less than positive news because I am glad someone posted information which I might not have seen or heard otherwise. 

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            … always stirring the pot

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