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        Ute Fan

        Jimbo on Saban

        When PAC 12 commish briefly considered conference expansion last year following SEC expansion I was hoping A&M would get a phone call.  Texas market, blue blood and seemingly not happy with the SEC, namely Texas coming to the SEC.  Now beefing with Bama on NIL/recruiting.  

        Would you want A&M, do you think they could be sold on a move and who else would you bring in with them to even things out?

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        Ute Fan

        I’d want A&M, but the Pac-12 doesn’t really have anything to offer A&M.  For starters, the Pac-10 already tried to get the Aggies way back in 2010, but A&M had no interest in being the furthest outpost in the conference, and had always preferred the SEC anyway.  Plus it takes the Pac-12 two years to earn as much media $$$ as it takes the SEC in just one.  Money talks.

        And for what it’s worth, it wouldn’t matter who we brought with A&M.  Just getting A&M would be the prize.  I can’t think of any +1 that would make us rethink adding them.  I’d take San Antonio Community College if that’s what it took to get A&M.

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          Ute Fan

          I think the PAC12 has at least a couple of things that would appeal to A&M. The first being they don’t have to share space with any other Texas program. They would be the only Texas player in the conference, bigger fish smaller pond. The second being much easier path to CFP. OU and UT were criticized for moving to SEC because it significantly reduced their chances of CFP. A&M could make a move that flips the script for them.

          SEC, at least a majority of its teams, would be in any realignment scenario. This and the money is why you go to/stay in SEC. I think A&M would be in regardless of its affiliation. For them in the SEC it’s a matter of accepting being a smaller fish in a big pond and tolerating UT. Nebraska has had B10 assimilation issues itself. Both would steroid boost PAC12 cred.

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        Ute Fan

        That’s rich considering the rumor Kincaid was offered $1 million for transfering to Alabama and wasn’t even in the portal.

        Not really wanting to take a side, but Fisher going after Saban is quality entertainment.

        Too bad Fisher didn’t mention/know about the Kincaid rumor. That would have been a quality part of his comeback.

        Saban is a snake oil salesman, and everyone knows it. Saban and Meyer are/were great college coaches when they have a great roster. Meyer got very lucky to have Alex, and Weddle. And some really good players. He was successful at Florida and Ohio State because he had big name recognition. If he’d stayed at Utah for 10 years I don’t believe he would have done as well as Whittingham did. No 2009 Sugar Bowl IMO with Meyer.

        There’s a saying about being born on third base and thinking you hit a home run when you scored.


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          Ute Fan

          For sure ’98.  Saban & Fisher = Pot & Kettle.

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