May be set for Oct. 17

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      Ute Fan

      Big Ten members are confident the presidents and chancellors will approve a plan to play football in 2020
      Jeff Potrykus
      Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

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      Larry B
      Ute Fan

      How sad is it that the Pac12 might be the only P5 that won’t play this year? 🙄

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      Ute Fan

      Really really dislike larry Scott. But the pac can’t do anything when half of there teams in CA and ORE gvts won’t allow them to even practice or play. I guess they could apply for a waiver. But those six teams need to pirition and want to play.

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      Ute Fan

      Larry is making it easy for Cali administrators. He does not want to make a decision and uses the excuse that Oregon and Cali don’t allow practice. The administrators can use the excuse that the league is not playing anyway. Do nothing excuse all the way around. The conference is not a Cali or Oregon league, it is bigger. The conference should announce an intention to play putting pressure on administrators to pull their schools if that is their desire. The league should then let schools that want to play have a season. It is not the best thing for the league but we may find that there is significant support for football even in states that desire a poor status quo until after the election.

      If players and football staff stay out of contact of high risk individuals the risks are minimal, actually less than the risk of concussion issue we also work with. Larry could contact the Utah High School Association for guidance and could talk to the University of Texas for upgraded medical advice.

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