Meawhile, Jayden Daniels wins the Heisman

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      Tony (admin)

      Don’t think that would have happened if didn’t transfer away from the Utah defense.

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      Ute Fan

      All I think of is the 25 passing yard game he had against Utah.

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      Ute Fan

      Totally agree! I would think if Cam played for LSU he could have won a Heisman, why? He would have SEC talent all over the field at his disposal that would help him win that prestigious award and maybe even a berth in the CFP. Utah doesn’t have SEC talent all over the field and let’s be honest, Cam is the only bright spot on the team. As we witness this season, you take him out and Utah is not a Top 10 or 15 team, and the playmakers he has won’t have the same success as they would if he was healthy this season. But then again, majority of the starters were injured. If Daniels played here I doubt he wins the heisman, maybe a candidate, but that’s it.

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        2008 National Champ
        Ute Fan

        You’re right that Utah’s offense wouldn’t have provided Daniels the opportunity to win the Heisman. The only way Rising sniffs a Heisman in any offense in the country though is if every other QB and 90% of running backs take half the season off.

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