My thoughts on the 2 RB prospects on the Utes radar

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      Devin Brumfield – Bigger back and runs with a great low center of gravity. It’s obvious that he is a LOAD to bring down. My only knock and concern with him is his speed. It’s obvious he’s not a burner and if he was he’d have a fewer more elite offers from schools and a 4 star guy and if he had ELITE speed, he’d be 4/5 star borderline, IMO. Look at Leonard Fournette, big strong physical back, but according to next gen stats, his top speed is 22 miles an hour. He has that type of running style, he just doesn’t have that speed. Now, he can work on it and while he won’t get elite speed, with our conditioning, I think he could get faster. Good example of this is Zack Moss. Big, strong, physical runner, and I can tell from his Freshman year he’s gotten faster and if he can improve on that more and can get running away from people he’ll be an NFL back. One thing that stands out to me is Brumfield plays HARD and his one cut is naaaaaaastttyyyy. Look for him to make an impact in a couple years if we land him.




      Zidane Thomas – He is faster than Brumfield. He doesn’t have elite speed, but he is faster. He doesn’t go into contact as much as Brumfield (Brumfield is like a bowling ball and knocks people over). He is quick to hit the hole and is decisive. He is an in between the tackles runner and more of a straight line runner. Brumfield is more agile, while being bigger, but slower. I like him as a back but don’t think he’d be a special type of back. 




      (I also think TJ Green from last year is going to be in the mix as THE guy after Moss is gone)




      All in all, Brumfield is the one for me, especially if he can get like a 4.5 40 (I’m guessing he runs about 4.65 or so). I think Brumfield is the more likely one, and while Thomas’s number 1 choice is Utah, he will go to Lousville if Brumfield commits to Utah. I think Thomas waits to see what happens wit Brumfield and if he goes elsehwere (which I don’t think is likely. Think he lands at Utah.) then Thomas will commit

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       Moss, Lund, DHC, and Greene are all young. Save the scholarship.

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        Nope, we need an RB in each class.  Injuries, transfers, position change etc happen all the time.  You have to have at least 3-4 RBs ready to go each year.  Getting one of these guys will allow them to take a redshirt and get ready for 2019.  

        We will have Shyne, Moss, DHC all as Jrs.  We need some young guys outside of just Green in the system.  Lund would probably be a better option at LB for us, but even as a running back he will need a few backups.  Just like next year we will need to sign another QB to be in the program.  Just because we have Huntley, Tuttle, and Shelly it doesn’t mean you don’t prep for the future.


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          At some point a scholarship needs to be used for more then just adding a kid for depth. Slow RB’s are a dime a dozen. Utah needs to improve speed and physicality. Let kids walk-on or develop at FCS level and then transfer to Utah if they need extreme development. WSU, Snow and Utah should be working together to help kids develop and transfer.

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      Brumfield looks like a K-Whitt Ronnie Mac smash mouth back who can also catch out of the backfield. I love the kid. 

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      I Couldn’t help but chime in on Devin Brumfield. I continue to find it comical that people still question how special this kid is. He is a 4 year starter in Louisiana’s highest classification and just helped lead his team to a 12-1 record. In his 46 career games, he has gone over 100 yards 37 times. In those 46 games, he AVERAGED 143 yards per game. In all, he rushed for over 6,500 yards with 80 tds. Brumfield rushed for 282 yards and 4 touchdowns in his final game which was in the state quarterfinals. He is statistically among the greatest running backs in the history of Louisiana high school football. Pretty impressive for a guy that lacks “elite speed,” as some of you claim. As far as power, he had a 550 lb squat and 385 lb bench. And as his coach, I can tell you he’s an even better person and teammate, than he is a player. Devin Brumfield is the real deal, and will be a great asset to whichever school he decides to go to.

      And to put the haters minds at ease, this is him at 22 mph on the super treadmill.

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        Thanks for the information! Sounds like he has talent enough to be a program changer.

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      Great response @lionheart thanks!

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