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      Coaching: solid coaching all around, especially Whitt and Scalley. Ludwig gets a pass because he likely planned for Rising to play (Whitt says Rising made the decision himself to not play about 30 minutes before kickoff). That being said, I am really tired ofnot throwing the ball into the endzone. It’s like Ludwig believes you have to run it across the goal line or it doesn’t count as a TD. Don’t understand why we still suck so bad in crucial short yardage situations when we have an absolute monster of a lead blocker in Logan Kendall.

      QB: Barnes did about as well as I expected him to. His lone big mistake was that terrible handoff attempt to JJ. He did not play perfect by any means, but he played great for not expecting to start. He needs to shove the ball into JJ’s gut when handing it off instead of holding it out there hoping JJ takes it.

      RB: JJ and Glover both stepped up. Both are inexperienced, and both made some big plays… and both have their limitations. I’ve heard a lot of people compare Glover to Ty Jordan, and they aren’t in the same league. Ty Jordan had an explosiveness that Glover lacks. Glover is good, and he could be great, but right now he runs very VERY soft. The second someone gets a hand on him, he goes down immediately, no falling forward, no pushing the pile, no dragging… just down right there. He made a really important catch though, and had a few good runs. JJ had some great runs as well. He was crucial to our success tonight. Did not think the fumble was on him. Seemed like awful handoff technique, but what do I know? JJ did a surprisingly solid job pass protecting. Love that guy!

      WR: Fine. At this point, I don’t even know why Enis is out there, why not just put in another tight end that can actually block effectively on obvious running plays?

      TE: Kincaid played great again, Yassmin was fine. You can tell he has no idea how to play football though. Logan Kendall is one of my favorite players on this team. Watching him block is absolutely hilarious.

      OL: Meh… same story all season. Elite pass blocking, awful run blocking. especially in short yardage situations. Bills stood out as having some great plays.

      Defense overall: Tackling was nearly perfect. Let one sack get away I think, other than that, I don’t remember any missed tackles.

      DL: These guys played very well tonight. They were the difference in this game IMO. They knew WSU struggles to pass block, and they went for the throat. 

      LB: Some mistakes but mostly a good game here. Barton out of position on their TD run, but he was getting blocked either way there.

      S: IDK what Hubert’s deal was tonight. Does he have some sort of grudge against WSU? He was hitting HAAAARD all night light, practically asking to get tossed. He 100% deserved that penalty. I love playing hard, but I’m not a fan of hitting unnecessarily hard. Just make the tackle and move on. Bishop was great as usuall, Isbell played well in limited minutes also. Vaki played Nickel, but he’s a safety, and he was a bright spot. We’ve got some excellent young talent at safety.

      K: Nope

      P: Double nope


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      Thank you for this post. It was informative and gave me an insight into specific apects of the game that I have neither the expertise nor the language to describe. Please continue to post these going forward, much appreciated.

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      I would really like to see the RBs follow Kendall on the short yardage runs. Kendall would kick out and make a huge hole and the RB was getting stuffed by a DT a few times. 

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      The fumbled handoff was 100% on Jackson. He saw run blitz and reached for the ball instead of letting Barnes put it in his belly. Otherwise Jackson had a much better game than I expected so I’m more than happy to write off one mistake to inexperience.

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