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        Ute Fan

        Close to a complete game offensively. A few silly mistakes on offense. The turnover that ended up not biting us in the ass. The hits on Huntley concerned me and how long he played. Glad that he ended up with player of the week offensive numbers again.  Moss was a beast. When Willmore got his shots it was impressive.  Oline needs to be motivated a little. They really came out a little flat to me after the first half. 

        Defensively?  Other than two drives and a few loss of contains it was dominance. Absolute dominance. Anae came out and showed them who was boss. This game was never in doubt for me because look at how well Utah is playing?  Burgess is ridiculous. He is all over the field! Lund also had a hellava game in that 4-3 set. 

        Special teams. Apparently the Lennon fake is a read. Whitt said in his post game that situation your read is gone you punt the ball. It ended up not mattering so oh well. Redding was solid. Second kickoff was damn close to going out of bounds in the corner again. Overal improvement in coverage and blocking. 

        Play of the game for me?  Probably when Chip Kelly lost his s**t over the refs allowing Utah to substitute. That pretty much sums up his career at Oregon. Exploiting the refs idiocy for years. All of Kelly’s timeouts being burned in the third as the wheels to his offense just exploded and burned. 

        Utah line for Arizona?  Probably around 14 I imagine. Go Utes!!

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        Ute Fan

        I think our slow-mo defensive substitutions are hilarious and a clever exploitation of the current rule, but it wouldn’t surprise me if there is a tweak in the near future to stop it happening.

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          Ute Fan

          It was high quality trolling from Utah. Washington they were not allowing Utah to substitute. Overall clean game I think. One Pass interference I felt should have been called. Holding I wasn’t watching honestly. I always catch myself watching the ball live. 

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        Ute Fan

        Were you the old man we saw onTV?

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        Ute Fan

        whatever they did to get the MUSS filled up worked, because it looked pretty respectable from my view in the NEZ. Last few games has been pathetic.

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          Ute Fan

          It was kind of weird. I sat above the fray. I was about 15 rows above the portal. Most of those rows are moving around and looking for friends. I probably had 100 different people stand next to me.
          They did pay attention to the third down jump. Plenty of booze and tons of marijuana vaping going on. Guy behind me was soooooo high. Kept sort of awkardly screaming “Let’s Go!!!” when Utah played defense. It made the fourth quarter entertaining during the blowout. 

          Tons of girls and man I felt old. The girls look like little kids! Can’t believe some of them are in college. 

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          Ute Fan

          They let MUSS members bring 2 guests this game, which filled it up

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