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      Hey Utes,

      Do I have this correct? Is this Legislature NIL Bill?
      – If an Athlete gets and NIL deal below $600,000 the names are confidential. If it is over, the name can be disclosed.
      – It only applies to the state universities. Does not apply to BYU
      – SO the BYU legislature would know how much Utah is paying its top athletes.

      Sorry in advance if I have this wrong.

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      Ute Dub
      Ute Fan

      All you MF’ers wanted the players to get paid. Now you can sleep in that bed and STFU.

      IMO that money belonged to the taxpayers via the school which created the opportunity across 100+ years. Take a parent and have them create a college football team experience with their after tax dollars and tell me the players weren’t getting well compensated with food, travel, room, board, coaching, strength and nutrition, chance to play on TV, etc.

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        Ute Fan

        The bill is HB 202. Most of what you said is wrong. The bill involves all higher ed institutions, public, private and non-profit which includes BYU, Westminster, the U, Utah State, SUU, etc. All contracts are confidential no matter the amount. If a student athlete enters into a contract for $600 or higher they have to disclose it to the institution and then the institution has provide the student athlete with certain things. The bill prevents a student athlete from entering into an NIL deal with companies or entities that promote our sell tobacco, e-cigs, alcohol, controlled substances, gambling, betting, sex oriented businesses, etc. It also prevents any state taxpayer money from being used for NIL deals. There you have it. Go Utes!

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