Ph.D. says we got a solid shot at the CFP

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      I was doing some light reading – thought this was interesting. Dr. Feng from Stanford says we have a 39.9% chance of making the playoffs. That’s 4th best –  ahead of Bama, Ducks, and Georgia. Thoughts?


              ” Just like Oregon, Utah looks really good on both sides of the ball. On offense, they rank 18th in my adjusted success rate. The strength of the offense              has been the passing game. QB Tyler Huntley has increased his completion percentage from 64% last year to 74% this year.

      On defense, Utah ranks a very respectable 7th in adjusted success rate. Despite giving up big plays against USC, Utah allowed a success rate of 44% in that game. This is not much higher than the college football average of 42%.

      In addition, success rate is a powerful predictor going forward. Bill Connelly of ESPN did the initial research on this, and I confirmed it based on results from the 2019 season. Utah’s defense is legit despite an off game against USC.”


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      I’ll have what he’s smoking.

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        Ute Fan

        With all the fires in California I think they all have a sensimilla contact high.

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