Pick Em Bug Fixes Today

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        Tony 🌹🌹

        Thanks to @bopahull for mentioning that he couldn’t see his picks for this week.  It took me a while to figure out what was up.  Turns out one of my database queries was not quite right.  So hopefully I fixed that.

        I also made a few tweaks on the selectors for select week and select user picks.  Now when you use those selectors, the week or user picks you selected is shown in the select, making a little more sense. Those stay now (instead of resetting) when it makes more sense, like when picking user picks for a particular week. I also removed some unnecessary stuff regarding the week and user picks selectors, which will remove the possibility a user accidentally choosing “nothing” for a user pick or week, which would produce an error.

        Cheers and GO UTES. 

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