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      Ute Fan

      I really want to buy the broadcasts of previous football seasons. I’m guessing this could be difficult due to the different channels that they were on, but does anyone have any ideas if this is available?

      I’m unfortunately pessimistic about seeing football this year and thought watching old seasons would be fun. A side benefit for the channels, NCAA and athletic departments to gain some revenue in a down revenue year as well. 

      Year’s ago I bought a copy of the Sugar Bowl so I know that some of them have been distributed in some forms. Any leads welcome. Thanks

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      Ute Fan

      Maybe reach out to the athletics department?

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      Ute Fan

      My Utes youtube playlist has several dozen games on it. There’s a lot online. Just search for Utah football and filter for length. Some folks even clip out commercials and in between times so a full game runs about an hour. Sling also lets you DVR games rebroadcast on the P12 network.

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