QB Position – 2020

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        Ute Fan

        There are 7 QBs on the Utah Roster, 4 with which we are all familiar:
        Tyler Huntley – Senior
        Drew Lisk – Junior
        Jason Shelley – Sophomore
        Cameron Rising – Sophomore

        And three with which most of us are not familiar:
        Blake Archuleta – Freshman
        Zack Hymas – Sophomore
        Carter Robinson – Freshman

        I have three questions for the experts on the board:
        1. Are any of the three listed in the second list, likely to challenge for a starting spot, or are they more likely athletes that end up on the defense, as often happens on Whitt teams?
        2. Are the some highly touted QB recruits likely to be signed, and capable of competing for a starting spot immediately?
        3. I don’t think any of us see Drew Lisk or Jason Shelley as being Huntley’s replacement next year, what does anyone know about Risings participation and progress this year? Is he running the scout team? Practicing? What are people in the know hearing about him?

        TIA – Go Utes!!!

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        Ute Fan

        1st answer, the second list are all walk on’S. Although List was also a walk – on a doubt anything will come from them.

        What I think will happen. Redding winds the job, Shelly transfers( Whitt has said that Shelly doesn’t fit Ludwig system as well) Lisk stays and is the back up to Redding. K marsh comes in our freshman QB has the third Qb with the purpose of redshirting but getting time in a few games. Lastly, one of those second list walk on is a fourth QB but never plays.

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          Ute Fan

          Thanks!  I assume that Redding = (auto-correct) Rising, and that K Marsh is a recruit known to those that more closely follow recruiting than I.

          Do you have any insight into how Rising is doing currently, and/or how much of a drop off we will see from this year’s Huntley to Rising?

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            Ute Fan

            Marsh is a committed recruit (not signed) K Marsh

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          Ute Fan

          Who is Redding?

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          Ute Fan

          They might repurpose Shelley as well. He very likely isn’t a NFL prospect but could help the team in other ways. Plus everything we’ve heard up to now is that he’s a huge team guy and loves it here.

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        Ute Fan

        Utah will be hitting the transfer portal like crazy this year. Jack Sears, Manny Netherly, Schooler, and many more will be high on the Utes radar.

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