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        Ute Fan

        Anyone know how many scholarships we have available for this class? I thought the COVID year meant we’d have less to offer in order to return to the normal scholarship allotment allowed by the NCAA. However, when I looked on 24/7 I noticed that Bama has 21 commits, Georgia has 24, tAMu 21, Penn St 25, Notre Dame 23, Texas 21 etc. Doesn’t seem like teams are in a scholarship crunch if they’re still bringing in a normal size class? Are we expecting to do the same??

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        Central Coast Ute
        Ute Fan

        I thought the NCAA increased the number of initials for this year or am I remembering that wrong?

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        Ute Fan

        Although the NCAA has increased the number of initials to allow teams to compensate for players (up to 7) entering the portal, the total scholarship numbers have not increased. The seniors on the current roster did not count against the 85 scholarship limit this past year, so the best way to determine the number available is to look at how many we had who were juniors and below (Covey, Lloyd, Pledger, etc) and add that number to whatever number we had this past year. My unofficial tally had us at 80 after the portal entries of Simi Moala and Peter Costelli. So you add 5 to however many juniors like Covey, Lloyd, Plegder leave and that is how many we have until scholarship players currently on the roster enter the portal.

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        Ute Fan

        Transfer Portal is going to be a huge game changer this off season for Utah with this years success. I am guessing Utes see some very high level players join Utah especially on defense, TE, and maybe a big, deep threat WR they could really use. 

        Crazy having P12 Coach of the year and 13 Utes makiing the P12 all conference team to parade to recruits. Utah has not received this much national exposure in the past 10 years. Go Utes!

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          Ute Fan

          Winning is obviously the best recruiting tool. Excluding the covid year, we have been in control of the South for the past three seasons and could extend that at least until USC gets competitive.

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