Rockies game report, not that anyone cares. But a good game.

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      Yes I dislike pro sports, yes I think they are a bunch of overpaid whiny bastards. But my wife got us tickets to the Rockies game.

      A few observations by my daughters, baseball games are quieter than football games. Yes, I think so, except for maybe the League championships and the World Series.

      Baseball is a rather slow sport. Yes, one of the reasons I love it, you can just relax take in the atmosphere and enjoy the few exciting parts of the game.

      So for me I’ve been to games in Baltimore, with WebMonkey, Chitz and LuckyUte. Camden yards is a nice ball park. San Diego for one of Tony Gwynn’s last games, good game seeing Bonds, Ricky Henderson, who stole a base, and a couple other older players. A Pirates game at PNC park the same weekend as Utah Michigan back in 2008. And of course last night’s Rockies game. So for those of you keeping track at home 2001, 2003, 2008 and 2016, I don’t go very often.

      I witnessed two firsts for me, a Grand Slam late late late in the game, and a Hr right after that, so back to back dingers. I really love the game of baseball, but hate MLB so I was pretty stoked to witness both of those, my other favorite play is the double play. If I’d seen a triple play I would die happy.

      Overall it was good Rockies 2 TDs, Diamondbacks 1 TD or 14-7 for your baseball fans. 🙂

      Good relaxing night with the family.

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      Good times.


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