So many things went our way – I didn’t think Ohio St. Could overcome it.

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        Covey kick return, Rising TD after missed tackles, Philipps punches ball out that would have been a for sure TD. When Barnes threw that TD I thought, welp, maybe the football gods just won’t let us lose this one. If I could go back in time, I’d say listen, they’re going to throw for 600 yards, let’s dial up some blitzes and hope for a couple errant throws that may get picked. Michigan sacked Stroud 4 times. Maybe we should have put Lloyd at DE and brought in another LB? A lot of what ifs but damn…we were right there. Tons of fun. Funnest season I’ve seen, the lows followed by the highest climb ever. So great!

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        As a fan it is easy to overlook the talent differential. CPIII was our best and most consistent player on the field, and yet he would have just one of a see of 4-star players on the field if he had gone to OSU. Now, imagine that game again, but if every players for Utah was at least CPIII.

        A huge positive, although OSU was favored, they were the underdog, and they played as an underdog. They spent the past month hearing about how they lacked the toughness to stand with Utah. In many ways, this was just like the 2019 P12 championship game. But, in an indication of improvement in talent, coaching, and the program, Utah went blow-for-blow with the more talented and motivated team. I am disappointed by the outcome, but that game was a huge indicator of program progress.

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