So much for an “alliance”

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      It was fun while it lasted. 

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      So much for the PAC, I imagine Washington and Oregon are talking the B10 as well. 

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        Central Coast Ute
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        Not sure why UW and UO weren’t already in the discussion. It makes you wonder if they will actually be invited. They would have known this was going on and have already made the phone calls.

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          Oregon and Washington can’t make a move without Oregon St and Washington St.

          They are tied to the hip with each other. Both state legislators saw to that a long time ago

          It will be a major hurdle to both schools to overcome when it comes to expansion

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            Central Coast Ute
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            I wasn’t aware of that but that explains it. If that’s the case, UO and UW aren’t going anywhere.

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      Yeah, that was a complete joke. I knew it was a completely feckless arrangement the second they said there was no written agreements.

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