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      Ute Fan

      I will not be in town for many games this year.  As such, I am wanting to subscribe to SlingTV this Fall to get the Utah games when I am out on the road.  I understand that by subscribing to the Blue and Orange services (plus the sports package) I will be able to have up to four simultaneous users watching TV at a given time.  It spells this out quite clearly online that they all may watch different channels concurrently.  Sweet!

      Here is my actual question:  Can four people watch the SAME channel at once?  I ask because my Dad and brother want to join in on the streaming for the same reason I am subscribing.  I dont want to essentially sell them on the idea that we all will be able to watch the Utah games from a different state and then end up finding out that only one of us can watch the game at a time.

      Has anyone tried to do this?  What did you find out happened?  Are only some channels able to stream simultaneously?  

      Thanks for the response in advance…  😉

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      Ute Fan

      Not sure of an answer to this.. Seems like there’s gotta be a reddit forum that could easily answer for you.

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      Ute Fan

      The answer is, it’s complicated.

      The Blue channels are for 1 viewer for all the Blue, this includes the ESPN channels, SEC channel, and Disney. This is the frustrating thing about sharing Sling. Say you are watching a game on ESPN and your brother’s daughter tunes to watch Princess Unicorn on Disney it will boot you off ESPN, you get back to the game and it kicks you niece off, she starts having a tantrum and you S-i-L puts on Disney again and it kicks you off. It happens again and again. There is not a way to see if anyone else is watching a Blue channel or to lock in your viewing so you cannot get booted. This is also the same issue if you try to logon to with your Sling account to watch a game.

      The Orange Channels are for 3 viewers and they can all watch the same orange channel at once, THis include most everything else like Fox sports.

      You can watch 3 Orange Channels and 1 Blue all at the same time.

      If you are on the Blue and Orange and add the sports package then they can show up in the guide as Blue and Orange there is a setting to only show the Orange for B&O channels.

      The sports package includes the 6 regional PAC-12 channels but not the singular broadcast channel but they have all the content so it’s not a problem.

      If the game is on Fox sports or Pac-12 then no problem, it will be a problem if the game is on ESPN.

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        Ute Fan

        I really appreciate your detailed response.

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