Spring Game thoughts

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      Ute Fan

      1) IF IF IF we can stay healthy, we can be really good this season… like 2004/2008 good. For real. We’ll compete for P12S title regardless, as we’ve never had depth like this across the board, ever.
      2) I was a bit underwhelmed with the idea of Ludwig 2.0 when it was announced, but I was really impressed with how clean the offense looked today (except for the Lisk pick right at the end)… frankly we haven’t looked that crisp on O since Ludwig 1.0… it was noticeable that he adapts his system to his personnel and not the other way around (only other OC we’ve had since Mullen/Samford that did this was Chow)… simplifying things so the QB doesn’t have to think so much seems to have cleaned up a lot of the sloppiness we saw at times last year… could this (finally) be the year where we can put a consistently competent offense on the field every week? If so, together with this D… !!!!
      3) Tyler has finally put on the extra weight he needed. I hope this helps his durability to last the entire season. I love what Shelley did when he took over last year, but a healthy version of this Tyler can be a top 10 QB nationally.
      4) Rising looked better than Tuttle did in last year’s spring game. Net/net, at worst we’re in the same depth situation as we were last year (assuming his waiver comes in to be eligible this year). Might have come out ahead in that trade.
      5) Bryan Thompson… I see why he’s been getting the hype this off-season. Could be a bigger, stronger, more athletic version of Carrington.
      6) Now for the bad news… our PK game looks, well, awful. Chayden Johnston seems broken mentally. I hate to say it, but a kicker can have all the leg in the world and it won’t matter if he’s not strong enough between the ears. Maybe he can get out of this slump, but it seems to have been going on for a few years now. Redding didn’t look any better. We have been ridiculously spoiled with Andy and Matt the past few years…
      7) As has been said on here by many others, it is really apparent that the X factor for this year is going to be the depth of the O line. If Harding can develop up 2-3 of the newcomers, this can be a really special season.
      I told myself I wasn’t going to brew up any Koolaid today, but when Yogi Roth says after watching the end of spring ball he thinks we’re a legit CFP contender…. bartender!! 🙂

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      Larry B
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      I was just about to post how Yogi called us a “national contender”. I’m not quite there yet but I love the potential of this team. If everything goes our way (i.e. injuries) I wouldn’t be surprised if we were at least in the discussion at the end of the year.

      Plus, Yogi did pick us to win the South last year so…

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        Ute Fan

        Ya I’m not quite ready to say we’re a legit CFP contender just yet, but if we make it through USC game undefeated that’s when I might start to reconsider…

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      Ute Fan

      It would really really suck if Special teams is what holds us back. 

      Exciting I am p**sed I couldn’t make it up today. 


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