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      I heard Coach speak about the Cal-aftermath lockerroom.  He was surprised to see some players taking  the loss hard, while other players just pulled out their cellphones like it was just another day.  He said he wasn’t sure why this was, but seemed to be finding something to work on.  I had hopes this would be fixed tonight…  Dunno, maybe he can fix it on the offseason.

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      Saw this tweet from Goon.
      Kuzma: “At the end of the day, it’s having a young team. Not too many people play at this level and know the seriousness of what it takes.”

      BSU has mostly freshmen and sophomores (Hutchison is JR). How is that an excuse?

      – We don’t pass well at all, especially guards/wings. Bad angles. Lack of court awareness.
      – Can’t shoot FT.
      – Collette, while relatively crafty around the basket, often tries to drive 1-on-2 and get blocked/stripped.
      – Limited athleticism.
      – Freshmen & sophomores have shown limited improvement throughout the season — is this an aptitude issue?

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