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        we needed to see week 1. So many opportunities to shut Florida down and it seemed like every time ended up with the worst possible result.

        absolutely smothering tonight with the exception of that last drive. the 1’s obviously got the message and have been assignment sound since. With ASU getting spanked tonight, I’m not longer worried about next week. Still leery of Oregon State and USC but there is plenty of time to get things in sync.

        With Rising doing his best Bentley impression that first quarter, the D stepping up and looking like a Utah D made that game.

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        Charlie Foxtrot
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        The D is looking better overall.  I think Gabe Reid has helped solidify some things as he knows when/how to set the edge.  I noticed that O’Toole crashed inside hard a few times when there wasn’t anyone behind him for edge responsibility and the SDSU QB and RB got good yardage because of it.  Hopefully as the season goes on the younger DE’s will get better with knowing when to persue vs stay home.

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