The Jimmer and the Jazz

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      When Andre Miller was a rookie, I went to a game where he played against the Jazz.  I sat on the third row and cheered for him.  I got into an arguement with a loyal Jazz fan who said it was wrong for me to be cheering for him.  Miller was a local hero and I loved to watch him play.  I wanted the Jazz to win that night; but I still cheered for Andre.  The same thing happened 20 years earlier when Danny Vranes came to town with the Sonics in the old Salt Palace.  

      So, the question is: Is it wrong to cheer for your college heroes when they play the Jazz?  It seems many on the board think so.  BYU fans have so little to cheer for these days.  Jimmer was an amazing college player who never has achieved anything in the pros.  I did not watch the game the other night.  I have only heard about it.  I can’t blame people for wanting to see Jimmer have a good game.  The outcome was never in doubt, so who cares???

      I saw Gobert’s response and I think it was almost pathetic.  If this was a hottly contgested playoof game, then cheering for Jimmer may not have been appropriate.  But, face it – it was a blowout and never contested.  

      Go Utes!!!

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      I just can’t wait to go the game tonight and hear the fans scream like girls at a Beatles concert everytime Kuzma touches the ball!

      Polite applause when Jimmer entered the game?  Fine.  Cheering for him everytime he got the chance to shoot?  Ridiculous.  And the local sports media?  Stupid.  They follow Jimmer wherever – a few months ago there was mega news article about how he is big in Japan China and so on – yet what about the other college players from Utah who are actually playing in the association?  I get that fans of TDS-P have very little to cheer about, and that they feel the need to cling to whatever vestiges of success they can find.  I also know that the local media will talk about whatever gets ears so they can sell advertising, but as a Utah fan, listening to them pine for Jimmer like he some kind of victim of a vast conspiracy to keep him out of the league gets really old really fast.

      So if you want to believe that Gobert’s response is pathetic, fine I guess (though I happen to agree with him, even as a member of the Church).  To me, however, pathetic is the hordes who continue to treat Jimmer like the one who got away and who would do anything to get even 5 more minutes with him.

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        I agree with you. When Jimmer entered the game then give a cheer. But what happened is just plain and simple weird. I work with some BYU fans and they said it was really weird. And I bet you it actually made Jimmer embarrassed when he was 1-10 and people were cheering him to keep shooting so that hopefully he would score. Like a Make-A-Wish thing.

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      I must have missed it…what was Goberts response?

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        Jazz players were weirded out by it. Especially when Rudy broke an nba record and literally dismantled Phoenix. Gobert feels the slight because he gives everything most games. Just watch him run the court. He is like a great olineman. He does his job and you wouldn’t notice all the little things he does but it all adds up to greatness.

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      Jimmer is more than a hero to them. You respect heroes he is almost like a diva for them.  The sad part is most don’t see him for what he is. A good college player. Donovan wasn’t trying to throw shade on him. Nor do we doubt his work ethic. 

      Did Donovan work less than Jimmer?  You read comments and see the way Jimmerettes acted and it makes you wonder. Everything I have heard sort of underhanded about Jimmer is he didn’t want to learn to play for a team. It worked in Provo because the way that team is built. You hide him on defense and let him iso score. This idea that he worked harder than anyone is BS quite the contrary. Again look at Donovan who completely changed his game from college to the pros. He works harder than any player I know right now. Jimmer got on a plane from China and got a second chance good for him. Cheer and move on. 

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      You can’t inject logic into BYU-P fandom. You just can’t. They are just the most weirdly provincial fanbase in existence. It’s an extension of the “the world is against us” culture that permeates the LDS church in Utah (and I say that as one of the flock).

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      It’s not just Jimmer. During the NFL season CB is nonstop Tysom Hill info.

      Tysom took a crap today Tysom ate a ham sandwich today. Tysom carries Drew’s helmet today.

      It’s gonna from hero worship to creepy stalker.

      These two were Gods at BYU and they are worshipped as such and the Zoobs get offended when others don’t understand the devotion and bow accordingly.

      They get defensive and they take it very personal. Especially Jimmer because he’s such an NBA draft bust

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