The Number ONE Thing I Want to See

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      I want to see the Ute front seven absolutely punish their Offense. I want to see limping puppies. 

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      That will be most important for a win. Washington and Utah are so similar statistically. We know both are tops in their respect divisions, both have the same records. Utah has one more conference loss. Both are known for their defenses.

      But Washington’s offense is intact. Gaskins is a great running back. If Utah had Moss, that would put them near even in my book. But Utah is running with Shyne and Green. While both are quite servicable, Green is young, and Shyne is reliable at hitting the whole that the OL is supposed to have created. He runs with his head down. Moss on the other hand, finds the seam no matter where it is supposed to be. So Shyne and Green need stellar nights, lead by Utah’s OL.

      The passing game: Browning vs Shelley. Browning has four years of college QB experience. He started as a Freshman. This is his last game in Pac-12 competition. He is very good. He knows how to win, as we witnessed in Seattle last season against Utah. Shelley has started four games if you include the one to be played today. He is a RS Freshman. I love the kid, and while he started as a HS QB as a Freshman, its not the same.

      Troy Taylor will I believe put Jason in the best position to run a game plan to his strengths. Utah’s receivers, many inexperienced relatively speaking, need to have an error free night.

      Utah’s D will need to be nearly mistake free. No targeting calls. They must disrupt Browning’s ability to find open receivers.

      I expect Utah to win because that is what I want. 24-21. To seal the victory, Matt Gay kicks a record setting 60-yard FG with time running out.

      Go Utes!

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