The only Ute player (leaving) who doesn’t need the Rose Bowl

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      Is obvious, Lloyd.  However, he is a team guy and I am certain he will play.  He came back for this. 

      No other Ute is established enough that they could not use the publicity of the Rose Bowl to help their stock.  So, I think we can stop worrying about who may not play.  We will have a lot of guys leave early for the draft.  Leaving on a high note like this is a great way to end your college career.  Good for them.

      OSU is a bit different.  They wanted to play for a NC.  They have some first-round draft picks.  It’s possible they may have a player or two sit this one out.  However, I doubt it.  This is still the Rose Bowl.

      Go Utes!!!

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      To that end, remember Tavion Thomas said in his postgame interview, that “The Mission’s not over.” I do not expect one single Ute to sit to protect their draft status. Frankly I’d be shocked. This is for Ty & Aaron.

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      Isn’t Lloyd playing in the Senior Bowl? Wouldn’t he be sitting that out too?

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        He will play the Rose. I doubt he plays in the senior bowl.  

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      Just looked at Kiper’s position grades

      Lloyd (#1 ILB), Kincaid (#10 TE), Ford (#6 C), Markgraf (#6 LS) and Covey (#4 RS). My prediction (hope?) is only Lloyd and maybe Covey leave, with the rest seeing the potential at CFP next year and improved draft stock if they return.

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        Ford will be gone. Interesting that he is the #6 center. I think he was better at guard but what do I know?

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        I’ll preface this question by saying I’m a fan, not a football expert but can someone explain how they grade out long snappers? I mean they snap the ball… and maybe only do it a couple times a game. It seems like that would be a hard position to evaluate to a top 10. Nice to see a guy on our team on the list – not complaining about it.

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