The uniform omens are pointing to a loss tonight

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      Ute Fan

      When Utah wears all solid colors, they have won every time these last 3 years.  When they wear the white helmet with different colored pants, they lose.  This uniform combo is the same one as Arizona last last season.   The wihite helmet is a curse in my opinion.

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      Larry B
      Ute Fan

      Our offensive production is pointing to a loss.

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        Ute Fan

        I think Troy Williams has been hurt forest of the season. If you watch, he can’t run and is extremely tentative. Maybe that’s his normal style, but he looks hurt to me. Also, his accuracy has fallen off as the season has gone on. I don’t have any inside knowledge, but it sure seems like it.  

        Also, I think Utah tries to go to cute. They need to just straight up pound the rock. With our passing game, we can’t be passing on first down. It puts us behind and then we end up throwing all three downs. I don’t care if Colorado knows it’s coming. Our oline should just continue to wear on them. Slip a few plays in where the tight end sneaks out

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          Troy Williams has had his chance.  I’m hoping that Tyler Huntley gets the start next year.  He needs development and next year will be a rebuild anyway.

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