this annual cycle of not having a shot at the the top 4/5 star kid in the state

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    and then suddenly gaining steam late in the recruiting period only to still not really have any shot at him is getting old. I cant tell if its a recruiting site strategy to maintain interest or if its actually happening but whatever it is is played out. 

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    It’s all about perspective. I want players who want to play at Utah and attend school here. I believe it is a challenge to play for Utah.  If you don’t want to face that challenge not a loss for the school but for the player. Utah is committed to winning. Not just on the field also in the classroom and life.  

    I am not saying kids go where it is easier and we are better or anything prideful. It may come over that way I don’t really care.  I am happy with who Utah got this year. Even the PWO who were excited to commit by signing and turning it in like a regular kid. Those are the ones who may make the difference. The ones who want to get to work instead of live in a moment so insignificant perspective wise in your career. 

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      Alex, I’ll take “what a zoob says” for $500

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    Did Chris Peterson get on Sportsbeat in the end? Local TV should not be offering this platform for out of state programs.

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    I don’t get why  this is a priority for so many fans.  I think it’s cool when local kids play here and I love to support them.  But, what I care about more is winning.  It we go to the PAC championship again and have a change at a NC some day and not a single local kid is on the team, I will not care.  It would be cool, but not going to lose any sleep over it.  


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