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      How much if the play calling is Harding vs kwhitt? I hear a lot of kwhitt concerns, but I don’t see him that involved. Anyone have an inside view on how that relationship works? Not conjecture?

      I’ll hold on the online judgement until get some post covid exposure team practice, but it sure looked like it was an individual skills issue, not a team coordination issue.

      Bentley will get there, he got comfortable with RBs today, I’d guess he get familiar with TEs next week. Gotta stop forcing it though. Glad to see no covey actually, no sense in getting hit if Bentley isn’t throwing to receivers.

      CBs are young, it shows. Open field tacking was poor, gave a few 1st there. They all got beat a couple times. They just need D1 experience.

      Ty Jordan runs with a drive/passion/anger that is fun to watch. Saw him learn right after that TO. Love it. Was my favorite part of the game. That and Thompson’s catches.

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      Ute Fan

      Bentley threw 5 or 6 passes to WRs. Then we wonder why we can’t recruit WRs.

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      Ute Fan

      I do know Whitt has said 4th down is his decision. I have noted most coaches are conserative with a lead, Whitt also highly dislikes TOs, I expect that is keen when trying to hold a lead. We pick up a first down after Washington’s last TO and the discussion today is completely different, it is that close. With a young team is is difficult that we start the year with 2 of the 3 best teams in the Pac. We need a few steps leading up to that to gain momentum.

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