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      Ute Fan

      Just a thought for the one game at a time, this team is overhyped, debbie downers out there.

      For the better part of 25 years the Utah football team has been (in the eyes of it’s fans) the Rodney Dangerfield of college football.  To the outside world cries of Respect us, see we are good, what more do you want? have been thrown at the national media and big time programs fans.  Not even a move to a major conference gave the fan base the change of purspective it has rightfully desired.  As the wins have piled up, recruiting has improved, and Utah has grown from a “tough out” (the most backhanded of compliments) into a legitimate annual contender in the Pac12 we finally have recieved the vote of confidence from outside the program that we would have killed for 6 years ago.

      I know that not a single down of football has been played but why not bask in the glow of the attention?  Do you think Texas fans, Notre Dame fans, and Nebraska fans temper expectations?  No, they expect to be on these preseason lists because of what has been built.  I say stand back and enjoy the creation that is Utah Football, enjoy being the preseason favorite in the Pac12.  Enjoy the fact that the tools on Cougarboard are losing their minds that Utah is getting their just dues because most of us were there back when Colorado State was coming to town to kick the hell out of the Utes.

      Revel in the fact that the team has finally earned the right to underachieve in the eyes of the national media!!!  That is what success looks like.

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      Ute Fan

      I kind of agree and yet I don’t.  Yes, enjoy the ride and the publicity.  But, we have never been here before.  We are not Alabama or Ohio State.  They all know how to play and act like favorites.  We do not.  We all know that if it goes to their heads, they will be caught with their pants down and lose a game that they shouldn’t.


      I have been sipping the Kool Aid, but I am not ready to gulp it yet. 🙂

      I still predict 10-2.

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        Ute Fan

        10-2 AF!!

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      Ute Fan

      15-0 MFers!!!!!!!!!

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      We’re getting punch drunk on koolaid. We never start out seasons as good as we expected, but I hope we steamroll right off the bat.

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