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      Just thoughts coming as a fan. Even though I’m just a fan today was tough on me. I screamed my heart out and left my voice at RES. I’m exhausted and can’t image what the players/SR’s are going through. 8-3 is a wonderful season and I’m glad our season isn’t judged on just 1 single game (even though our loses were against the 2 worst defenses at the time CAL/Oregon) in which our offense decided to NO-SHOW in those 2 games. RANT ALMOST OVER…

      1st—I’m sick of this #THROWGAME stuff. If a team is giving you 300+ or more on the ground you attack them by running. IF a team gives up 400+ throwing you throw on them. But seriously today multiple times on 2 and 3, or 3rd and 2 we went straight for the slant pass, or ball knocked down at the line. JOE WILLIAMS is are #1 threat on Offense so feed the dude. People/some fans want to see this 50/50 balance or throw for 500 yards (SORRY) NOT AT UTAH and it showed today why it hurt us.

      2nd- 8-3 will all the injuries and youth getting experience is hopefully going to show next game/bowl game/2017. I know we lose some really key guys with 24 SR’s graduating but hey we could be 4-7 right now or something but 8-3 is great.

      3rd- SHOW A-ROD THE DOOR. I think of some of the coaches ex. (Guy Holliday) coming in and how what a spark and improvement it has been for the WR group. Need some new blood for the Offense as it seems A-ROD is in the bathroom for half the game.

      I will not sleep well tonight thats for sure. But hey lets cheer on the Utes as always and just know this could very well be another 10 win season if we take care of buisness vs CO Buffs and of course we always win those bowl games. CHEERS TO 10-3! (Which very few teams will be able to say that by end of 2016 season). #GOUTES

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      Ute Fan

      Couldn’t agree with you more about A-rod. This program could bring in someone talented at O coordinator. No more of this MWC level talent for coaches. Love Whitt but he needs to reach beyond his comfort zone for a coach.

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      The offense needs a dynamic OC and a qualified QB Coach

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