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        Ute Fan

        I chatted online with the Ohio State’s ticket office and thought I’d share a couple of tidbits to those interested:

        – “We have stopped accepting orders for general public ticket requests. Moving forward, the only people who can purchase are season ticket holders.”
        – “The deadline for all orders is Friday at 5pm ET. Once the deadline for ordering has passed, we will go through and fulfill as many of those requests as possible and assign seat locations. Until there is a seat location, you will not be able to see the ticket. Also the Rose Bowl is determining on what platform they will utilize mobile ticketing, and that has not been determined as of yet. We will send out more information at a later date.” I assume they’ll use ticketmaster, since that is clearly their platform for other events, but not sure. Also reading between the lines, I guess there may be a possibility that some orders get cancelled/charges refunded so that OSU season ticket holders can get their seats. But I doubt that’s the case. Probably more likely, they stick all of the orders with a Utah address up in the nose bleeds!
        – “You can cancel your order by emailing our office at athletic.tix@osu.edu. Make sure you cancel before the 5pm ET deadline.” My plan is to see what tickets are available on the Utah side (my CC window is Fri at 10am), and then decide if I’m going to buy tickets through CC and possibly cancel the tickets through OSU, or to instead just keep my 5 tickets I have through OSU and not buy through CC.
        – “There is no guarantee you will be able to sell them. That is up to the Rose Bowl and what functionalities they approve.” So for example, if they don’t use ticketmaster for mobile ticketing, then it may not be too easy or even possible to resell the tickets I have through OSU.

        Also, I spoke with Utah ticket account rep (Darrell Peters) who said that he expects there to be plenty of tickets still available – seatbacks and bench seats. I’m not 100% certain if that meant that I should be fine (Level 5) or if all CC members should be fine, but I get the impression that it’s the latter. I’m betting a lot of fans were like me: saw the frenzy, bought wherever they could and now already have tickets.

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        Ute Fan

        Very helpful, thank you!!

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        Ute Fan

        One thing to remember when buying tickets at the Rose Bowl is that seats below row 10 are mostly obstructed by the people standing on sidelines.

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        Ute Fan

        I have a hard time believing that you wouldn’t be able to sell the tix purchased through Ohio State. It’s pretty obvious they aren’t printing paper tickets and all mobile tickets have an option to transfer tickets electronically (email, etc). StubHub and others have an option to sell and transfer a ticket to buyer.

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        Ute Fan

        Interesting, I placed an order thru them last weekend. I called the Ohio State ticket office to confirm just yesterday and was told by the guy on the phone my order was confirmed and I’d be sent the tickets around Friday when they got their allotment to my ticketmaster account.

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        Ute Fan

        The OSU site is already on Ticketmaster’s platform. And TM is already the official Rose Bowl platform. Reps comment about mobile ticketing seems odd.

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        Ute Fan

        I agree. OSU is already using ticketmaster, so I really think that once seats are assigned (Friday afternoon or maybe over the weekend) that we should be able to sell/transfer them, if desired.

        Also, I’m a little concerned that the ticket office may not process my refund email request before I am assigned tickets, If I go that route. Still waiting to decide. I should probably quit overthinking it and just stick with the tickets and be happy that I’m at the Rose Bowl!

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