Tillman visiting Rutgers. Isn’t Utah closer to Nevada then New Jersey?

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    Little bit.

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    if they want to leave fine. but why do they have to lie about it?

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    Seems like he learned something from Derek Fisher’s Jazz days.

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    It’s time for coach K to go, but we really can’t afford to fire him.  Pretty sure his buyout is around $15 mil.  He is a top 10 highest paid coach and hasn’t been worth anything close to that.  He can’t get kids that are slated to start  to stay in the program.  Wish we could hire Alex Jensen.

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      I get the displeasure of many with Krystko, but this also seems heavily Gen Z/millennial related.  aka it would still be an issue with whatever coach we brought in.

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        I agree that transfers are the way of the future…but we should not be losing a foundational piece of the team like this. If he was buried on the bench, that would make sense. But the guy was going to be a focal point for the team next year. When that type of player transfers, it speaks to problems with the coach/system. Transfers will happen, but they should not happen like this. 

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    Guys. This game is old. Does Tillman’s mom have health problems ? IDK but why would he lie so lets say yes. However, the reason he is leaving is the same why everyone leaves coach k. I know that this is now the transfer world. I get it. However, when it’s every year for 4/5 straight years and isnt just one or two whatever guys buy your main core it’s a problem. This like recruiting and NCAA appearences starts and stops with Coach K. On the flip side he gets most of the credit if he suceeds which is wht is he was doing and why he’s paid more than 90 percent of the coaches in college basketball for 2/3 ok years I guess. This is a Coach K issue with either bringing in the wrong guys or running them off.

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    Also Rutgers ????? Unreal.

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    Slap in the face.

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    How many players on last year’s team left at this point? Do we have enough coming in? Not being rhetorical, I didn’t follow bball last year and don’t know.


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