Tip of the hat to coach KWhitt

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    Pace Manyung
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    Hangover this morning has never felt better!

    I’m writing this post as an apology to coach Kwhitt. YOU did it! YOU along with your staff orchestrated one of the greatest two game coaching feats I’ve seen in a long, long time – and won the South Division!

    I’ve doubted your ability to take this program forward and YOU proved me wrong in astonishing fashion. Losing a starting QB and your NFL RB is an acceptable excuse for most programs to fall short – YOU went above all expectations in having established a system that can replace star offensive player and not miss a beat. Amazing!

    YOU did what I constantly said you couldn’t – win the South. I humbly and joyfully eat crow. YOU have proven critics wrong and I shall never again question your ability to build a program that can win when it counts.

    GO UTES!!!!

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    Ute Fan

    “Dogs and cats living together…mass hysteria!”

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    Winning solves everything.

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      Pace Manyung
      Ute Fan

      I think it went just beyond winning a game. Utah’s task was to win two games in a row with a new QB and RB with no room for error.  Utah was losing in both games yet found a way to steady the ship and pull away.

      Again, a tip of the hat to Kwhitt, coaching was the difference.  

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    Ute Fan

    “Winners win no excuses.”. Pace

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    Ute Fan

    I’ll remember this the next time you’re critical of Whitt. However, I have agreed with you all year that Whitt has to win the south this year. No more excuses. Buy this performance as you said in my mind redeems him until he retires. Because if nothing else it shows what an incredible coach and recruiter he is and how he is willing to adapt to the ever changing world of college football. What huge cahonjas it takes to have Shelly has the backup and our top ever ranked QB third. Yet he didn’t flinch. Next year we have a very good chance at the south as well. I think Whitt has 4 years left. This and next year will be his best in the PAC.


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