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      D T
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      Anybody heard anything further on this front? Any update on his leanings in our direction?

      Won’t his legal issues get resolved one way or another in August?

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      The speculation is that his Utah offer is conditional upon the conclusion of his case which is supposed to be decided in August. I wouldn’t expect to hear anything prior.

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      He’s gonna be a Ute.
      It’s just going to take some time for the legal system to grind it’s wheels.
      From what I heard the charges are going to be dropped because the witness and alleged victim are completely unreliable and their stories have changed multiple times.
      As far as I know he’s not taking any other visits even though he continues to receive offers from other schools.
      His parents and him loved Utah that much

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      Well for what he did I would say it would have to be some sort of witness issue why the State hasn’t proceeded to trial. I think a prelim had already been done from what I read online. 

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