TWO pre-pac-12 season games instead of 3 has hurt us

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      Every year we struggle at the beginning of the season to get on track offensively.  I knew this year was going to be tougher because we didn’t have three warmup games before pac-12 play started. The f’d up schedule put us one game behind in terms of development and I think had we had one more game for the O to get it together, we would have probably beaten WSU and had a better shot at beating Washington.

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      Umm. The way BYU played week 3. We would have likelied lost to them. 

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        Maybe or maybe not however that’s not the point of my topic.

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      “Every year we struggle for most of the season to get on track offensively.” FIFY

      But seriously, with the number of returning starters on this offense and given the fact we are running the same offense with the same OC, there is absolutley no excuse for the slow start our offense has experienced.

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        Totally agree, but that’s not what happened.

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      Yup, swagger was completely lost after NIU going into the UW game. Weber wasn’t really anything. Even though they are a good team, it meant nothing for us to stomp them. NIU got into everyone’s head on offense big time. Play calls were there against UW as was the defense. It was an offense playing without confidence that cost us the game. Wazzu was our WTF loss I think. If we played them now, or had beaten UW going into that game, we come away with the win. Made me miss SJSU before conference play. Even if it was BYU as the third game, I think we get the win. The rivalry is enough to get the struggles with NIU out of everyone’s head and our defense is a nightmare for Mangum. He can’t process coverage changes quickly enough. Bygones are bygones though. Feels good to control our destiny and I think we have a good shot at the South.

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      I’m not sure I agree. I think our problem was with who we did play, not who we didn’t play in week 3. It’s too bad we had to step up to probably the best team in the conference so early. How many of the other 10 teams could we have played and likely beaten in week 3 at LES. I’d say all but probably UW, UO and possibly USC.


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