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    Best I can find so far is Youtube TV, which carries all of the sports channels, even CBSSN, but not Pac-12.  Then the 20 channel lineup for Sling TV.  Looking at a minimum of $55 a month.  Biggest downside is having to watch Pac-12 through the stupid Sling app, but other than that, seems okay, especially since you can use your Youtube TV…[Read more]

  • I actually had a shiver run up my spine.  Not the good kind, the kind you get when you smell the breath of the Kraken.  ‘Ello Beastie!

  • @KJU I disagree. I think that is a composition fallacy. The penalties help regulate fair play. Causing injury or giving the offense an unfair advantage make the play unfair. My original point was that I didn’t believe that this play caused injury or unfair advantage to the offense with a plea to help me understand why it exists. I’ve since…[Read more]

  • @dwainegf I apologize, I can see where I was condescending as well.  Please accept my apology.  As to your response.  The reason I was previously questioning the rule is because, as a former defensive lineman (just high school, nothing big) all I could see was an opportunity to attack the quarterback, I didn’t think about the implications of a…[Read more]

  • @KJU at least you gave a reason, but there is no reason to be condescending. Why is it stupid to discuss a rule the NCAA gives no justification for? Did you read the initial post? I was searching for why this was a rule, and now I can kind of get behind the idea that it would potentially ruin zone coverage and give the offense an unfair…[Read more]

  • @dwainegf What are you trying to accomplish with this response? We’re all aware that it is a rule, I’m questioning the justification for it. I’m not suggesting that Utah doesn’t coach to it, I’m trying to get insight as to why it actually is a rule. Even the article linked above didn’t give a good reason for it. I’m not even suggesting a…[Read more]

  • I can see why that might be an issue, but at the same time, plays tend to develop too quickly for that to have a substantial impact. I actually don’t think it would change anything at all if this penalty was done away with. Sure the QB might be able to look off a defender, but chances are if that OL doesn’t have his hat on a defender, then that…[Read more]

  • Right, but that’s done with the jersey numbers and position of the players within the offensive formation. So if a player is clearly an ineligible receiver, why would it matter if they block or move further than 3 yards downfield?

  • Can someone explain to me why this is a penalty? NCAA Resources has a neat rules review video every few weeks, and they usually do a great job of explaining it. They did a horrible job on this one though. In the RPO, why does it matter if the offensive lineman blocks downfield? I don’t see a reason for this penalty to exist. If the OL…[Read more]

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    Doesn’t help when the refs won’t call holding.

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    Make and model?

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    There are better responses than mine on this thread, but something that struck me early in the season was that many commentators and articles were mentioning touchdowns lost (or gained) with certain players, which seems like an attempt to bastardize baseball and football. I think that is at the heart of FPI, it’s a baseball-like formula applied…[Read more]

  • After having read the CB for the first time this year, I’m very excited to see some nasty people get their hopes dashed, but I really think they are fans because of Mormon Culture and not because of their affiliation with the LDS church, which are definitely not the same thing. I’m an active member and I really don’t see that “Holier than Thou”…[Read more]

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    Can anyone elaborate the zoob reference?  I assume its the phallic definition, but I wanted to make sure.

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    Probably something to do with Whittingham wanting to give him a chance, and learning to let Taylor do his thing with the offense. I was in that camp, hoping that Williams just had a rough first year as a JC transfer. I’m fully onboard now with Huntley starting and have eaten my crow about it.

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    Makes sense. I was born in ’87, and didn’t get in to football until around 7th grade, so I missed him. I can see the fans becoming unbearable in the Edwards era.

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    To each his own. I guess that would make Football more entertaining though.

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    This, and every other school in the SEC losing by 50 points, every week, screw those sugar barons and debutantes. I actually root for BYU in all of their games except when they play Utah. I find that it’s the Cougar Board that I really dislike, but I’m not sure how many of those fans are genuine. Some of the stuff said on there is too unreal to…[Read more]

  • I didn’t get that impression at all. If you read the camp notes, they say a lot about Huntley and not much about Williams. Even Bateman has more stats that Williams in the recent notes. I still thought Williams would start, but I did think it was strange that we didn’t hear much about his success. This explains why.

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    Stanford is 14th… 14TH!!! I know it’s preseason, but are you kidding me?!

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