Penalties through week 6

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      Ute Fan

      1. ASU 25

      2. Oregon 25

      3. Colorado 30




      10. WSU – 41

      11. Stanford 43

      12. Utah 44


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      Tony (admin)


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      Ute Fan

      I felt Utah was doing really well. Then SC happened. Pancakes are not holds unless it is the P12. It sucks but I just don’t think the conference likes Utah. Not going full blown tin foil hat but the officiating has always been really questionable against Utah. The blocks in the back that weren’t. The target over turning a int against Washington last season. Which you know SC speared Minshew the week prior I believe. I would care if it was any other officials I guess is what I am saying. 

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        Ute Fan

        I’m in full blown tin foil hat. The conference wanted the market. Not necessarily Utah. They wanted us to be at best middle of the pack. They’re trying to keep us down. That’s the only reasonable explanation for why Anae can get choked out but we get called for pancakes.

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          Ute Fan

          Well it is something Scott the fearless leader said he would fix.  He didn’t fix it he made it worst. Just like his network idea which still isn’t even close to resembling a good decision. 

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          Ute Fan

          I’m actually with you on the tin foil hat, but my theory is that the PAC-12 refs are penalizing aggression. On both sides of the ball. Maybe there is some fear of a lawsuit somewhere so they’re playing it safe, maybe they’re trying to set an example for other conferences, or maybe they all just have low testosterone and can’t handle it. Maybe all three. The keeping Utah down theory makes sense, but some of the no calls against us have been head scratchers too. Got away with a hold or two against WSU, no stoppage on the Bernard hit, which was squeaky clean, but I was waiting for them to review for targeting for the next five plays. I dunno, officiating in this conference is every bit as Wild West as the outcomes.

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        Ute Fan

        Part of the USC game was having officials with a rather tight fist on the game.

        Some of the holding calls against Utah were rather dodgy (and were questioned by the announcers), but then a few of the calls against the Trojans for “rough tackling” had the same announcers saying essentially “hey this is big boy football”.

        But our team has to figure out where we’re making mistakes, and what the guys in stripes are throwning those yellow hankies for and adjust accordingly.


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          Ute Fan

          I gotta go watch the USC game again, but I swear on my life those refs were not calling it the same on both sides. Either a different referee was behind each team calling different stuff, or I gotta assume some bias, otherwise it was just plainly uneven. And yes, I do acknowledge there were some question mark calls on both teams, but I’ve never seen Utah get 16-17 in a game and I’ve been watching every Utah game since… 05? smh.

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            Ute Fan

            My recollection is that it went both ways – if FELT different because our drives were designed to be long multiplay affairs, vs a long bomb. Just more opportunity for flags I would guess. Would be interesting if someone had the data on flags per play, or something like that.

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              Ute Fan

              Utah overcame a bunch of penalties on one drive if I remember correctly. The pancake that resulted in a flag on Whitt. 

              SC had some critical ones that extended drives. 

              My personal feeling is you can call holding on nearly every down. It depends on if it impacts the play. You can argue it always impacts the play. I think Anae getting an arm under his neck nearly every down is holding and affects the play. 

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              Warrior Ute
              Ute Fan

              Watching it in the stadium it felt like there were several personal fouls/ late hits kind of things called against USC by my recollection USC was hold Anae tons that did not get called when clean pancake blocks by Utah were called holding.   

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