was checking out zach wilsons espn page because, naturally,

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      byu has beat up on awful teams and their fans are already talking heisman, putting way too much pressure and massive expectations on the kid for no reason as per usual. So I went to check out his stats. The top 2 auto playing highlights on his page is him throwing INTs to us and us taking it to the house. I enjoyed this.

      Related: I dont usually say things in absolutes when it comes to fan bases (with sample size things tend to even out and generalize across all fans) but I actually do believe that no fan base gets more excited about thrashing bad teams than byu fans. Theres some weird dynamic at play there i dont understand but its real and with how bad the bottom of their schedule is it repeats annually. Doesnt matter if they start 1-5. When they kick the s**t out of liberty their fans get really excited and say “we are better now!” They have an auto knee jerk reaction straight to heisman any time a QB puts up good numbers no matter the competition. I actually think Zach is really talented, fwiw. But the hype they put onto him coming into last season absolutely affected his performance. Just let the kid grow and become who he is man.


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      I don’t believe all BYU fans act this way.  I think it is about 25% of them.  But that 25% are a bit delusional.  Every summer they believe they are a top-ten team.  They beat a good team and they are a top 5 team.  There are those on Cougarboard that believe they are in the race for the final 4 or at least a NY6 bid.  I have to admit that they have actually looked good, but they are not good enough to be competitive with a top 15 team IMO.


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        25% of all fan bases are delusional.  Even ours. 

        Can we stop posting about Cougarboard comments or our stalking of BYU?  It’s childish.  I mean you can poo poo BYU’s season all you want, but at least they are playing and they have dominated.  It’s more than we can say about our Utes who can’t even practice yet.

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          1. BYU has rolled both teams they’ve played.

          2. BYU HAS to roll every team they play on their schedule to get a sniff at any significance.

          3. The BYU fan that understands college football realizes they’d have a much tougher go at it with a P5 schedule.

          4. I was jealous that they were playing, but now I’m not.  Now they’re the “opening act” for us.

          5. I can’t help but wonder if their fans will boycott Tostitos again if they go undefeated but miss out on a NY6 game…



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          Filter out the they so poo poo category

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            Right.  If you don’t want to read about the zoo, filter out the They So Poo Poo category. 

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      You had me until you said you believe Wilson is talented. I mean, he’s ok but he only does well against poor competition. And yes, the first 2-1/2 quarters a couple years back when they were beating the U was poor competition. It took Utah 1-1/2 quarters to win that game.
      Wilsom can make two read then he has to run. He has had no pressure this season because the D lines he has faced have been horrible. Get a half way decent D line in there and things will change dramatically.
      To your point about putting a ton of pressure on the kid, I guess the fan base didn’t learn their lesson after Magnum. He had a couple nice throws, some decent games while subbing in for Taysom Hill and they expected a Heisman from him. When he didn’t live up to those expectations, because he’s not that good and there’s nothing wrong with that, they beat him up. If BYU is able to play some teams next year, Wilson will be brought back down to earth amd they’ll murder him on cougarboard like they did to him last year and like they did to Mangum.

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