Watching the UW game for the first time since I watched it in the stands

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      The Blair ejection was such bull s**t. Especially because earlier in the game, a Huntley scramble ends in a tackle by the UW DT putting the crown of his helmet directly into Huntleys facemask. No call on the play, and no review buzzed down from the booth

      But when blair puts his helmet into the RBs chest on a huge 2nd down play inside UW own 5 yard line and Utah looking to get the ball back around midfield down 14-7. The top of Blairs helmet at best glances the very bottom of the RBs helmet. There is no call on the play. But lo and behold, before the next play is snapped, its buzzed down from the booth to review the play. The Huntley run was even more in the open field and direct crown to facemask contact but did not get equal treatment from the review booth. Maybe the review guy was daydreaming. The Blair hit was a “harder” hit, maybe that kicked him out of the daydream he’d been in since opening kick

      I understand refs being human and the game happening at such a high speed that they miss calls. But the guy whos job is to just sit there and watch the replay and buzz down if he sees the handfull of things hes even looking for being questionable to push a button…its frustrating that even that cant be done with any consistency whatsoever. None.

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      man this was just not our night. The Covey fumble as we pick up a huge 1st down to give UW the ball around midfield followed by the trash targeting “stands” on Fotu to eject him and take away an interception by Barton.  Were down 2 NFL caliber guys and now down 2 scores with 10 min left in the 3rd.

      I cannot wait for November 2nd.

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      That Leki call was even worse. Seems like a call for a VP for business affairs…

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      I went to that game and it honestly ruined a good solid night and next day for me. The officials were beyond awful. 

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      Have you been hiding under a rock? Reporter from Oregonian has been humiliating Scott on this and other issues failing the pac12. Leach leaked the notes of a targeting call that was overturned by third party after refs and replay official ruled targeting…


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