We need to schedule as much BigXII as we possibly can.

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    I’d even go to Kansas. 

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    Ute Fan

    Les Miles?  Who saw that coming? 

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    Puget Ute
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    I see a lot of Oklahoma wrinkles in Troy Taylor’s offense. I hope we can get the offense to gel and become more cohesive and sharp. It is a work in progress and all of our skill players on Offense are very young. The future is bright.

    I also wish we had more fun OOC games with other conferences. Hopefully we will drop to an 8-game league schedule and be able to pick up more Big 12, SEC, and Big Ten games. I would absolutely love to wave to the kids at Iowa, etc.

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      Ute Fan

      It will be interesting to see how Harlan likes to schedule teams. For the time being he seems to be hampered by playing one game a year with TDS. If that is the case I really don’t want to see another in state school. The hard part is getting a team to come to Utah and play. @utah is right though the schedule next year is super easy for Utah. 


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