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  • utah football Next: @ ASU college football Sat 9/24 - 8:30PM
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        Ute Fan

        He is congested today.  Bill Riley wouldn’t let Cam get close to him saying he did not want to lose his voice. (I hope Cam is healthy for the game on Saturday.)

        Hubert looked impressive returning the PI for a TD.  The defenders blocked well for him.

        Bill Riley said that the WRs needed to get open if they wanted to get the ball.  Cam said they are getting open.  He didn’t take the bait.

        He enjoyed sending in the plays from the sideline in the second half.  He would then spend time talking to Barnes on the sideline.  He said Barnes is doing a great job.

        Glover is a great back with good speed and great vision.

        Bill Riley talked positively about Curry’s attitude and enthusiasm.  Cam said that he is always ready to go and he is a great teammate.

        What was the biggest takeaway from the game on Saturday?  It is how much the team loves each other including the 2s and 3s.  We are a family.  He loved that the subs got lots of reps.

        Last year at SDSU – he was given no heads up that he was going into the game until a TV timeout just before going in.

        He was asked about his takeaway from last year’s game – he said “We lost.  That was the only thing that matters.”

        He doesn’t seem to have much revenge in his mind.  He said it is all about getting prepared to play SDSU and nothing more.  They have a great front.  They play a 3-3-5 with a lot of stunts.  The team needs to make sure that they are taking care of their assignments.  Cam thinks they are ready to go.

        He watched a lot of football Saturday night including FL losing to Kentucky and BYU/Baylor.  He laughed when he said that he watched USC to see what they really have.

        Loves watching the NFL.  Bill Riley went on and on about why watching the NFL on TV is so much better than watching college on TV.  Sometimes Bill needs to let these players talk instead of going on these rants.  Bill spent a lot of time ranking NFL QBs which I couldn’t care less about.

        Asked about Saturday night – just go out and play physically and smart and things will take care of themselves.

        You gotta love Cam.  He is so low-key and pushes out all the outside noise.  He is a great kid.  I am very glad that he is a Ute.

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        Ute Fan

        Cam may have the same cold/cough I have that is going around.  I’ll be there Saturday (after taking a COVID test just to be on the safe side) but likely will be doing my best to clap loudly as shouting will send me into coughing fits.



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        Ute Fan

        Great summary, thank you! Can’t wait for Saturday.

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        Ute Fan

        He’s trying to cover for Cam.

        The WRs have been open but Cam is so locked on to Kincaid and Kuithe they aren’t getting a chance.

        Cost Utah a W or at the very least a chance a game tying FG in Florida.

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          Ute Fan

          We are all overreacting to UF. We had a few plays thawoukd have won the game for us. We didn’t make them. Literally, pick up the fumble, don’t let the refs decide on the TD they called a stop, don’t go for 2. Any of thise things and we win. UF played up. It wasn’t Cam locking on that cost us the game. We had A LOT more opportunities to stop them on D as well.

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        I’ve been fighting off a nasty head cold of some kind. Had it for over 2 weeks. Coughs, stuffy head, sore throat, laryngitis…. Sounds like that’s what’s going around. 

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          Ute Fan

          17 days is what it took me. But I don’t go to the doctor and drink tea to medicate. 

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