Well, we are a baseball school anyway

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      I thought I would feel better about that abomination in the morning, but nope still p**sed about it. Such sloppy play, no heart, terrible defense. I realize it is just the NIT and the team should be disappointed they didnt make the NCAA’s, but I still feel like Coach K should have the team ready to play regardless. 

      I read some firey hot takes last night on twitter saying LK needs to go, not sure I am ready to go that far (in fact, I am pretty far away from saying that), but this entire season coupled with all the transfers over his whole tenure plus the misses in recruiting, I am getting frustrated. Utah basketball should be better than this.

      Bring on Spring Football, and yes baseball. 

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      The thing is there may only be one guy on this team who can look forward to playing after college. These opportunities are rare. I don’t think these guys appreciate where they are. It’s as though they think “hey, we’re in the PAC,” and that’s all it takes. Show up and win. It was an abomination.

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      Wait, I thought we were a ski school.

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      Nope, gymnastics and skiing.


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