Who are the two crappiest teams in each division and why?

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      Ute Fan

      For me, the north is the easiest to pick. Cal and OSU. One of these teams will win 1 conference game and that’s because they play each other.
      Cal: Newby HC and no QB. Worst situation in the Pac, next to OSU.
      OSU: Their QB and offense situation is way worse than ours has ever has been.

      The south I think is tough to pick. I keep hearing what a mess the Arizonas are but I think they are head and shoulders better that Cal and OSU. ASU has talent and respectable QBs in Wilkins and Alabama transfer Barnett. I like Arizona’s QBs Dawkins and Tate. I think they’re solid. RichRod is no slouch coach. CU is going backwards this year losing their DC and most of their defensive talent.

      Here is what makes picking the bottom of the south so hard. AZ and CU play both Cal and OSU. ASU only plays OSU but I’m not buying that ASU is crap. So my pick for the south is AZ and CU. I see the worst team in the south winning at least 3 conference games, 2nd crappiest winning 4. That actually makes for a pretty strong division.

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      Ute Fan

      North = Cal – They weren’t very good last year and will be worse this year. I believe Oregon State will be bowl eligible this year.

      South = ASU – They have talent, but it all comes down to coaching. I think Graham is in the midst of “losing the locker room” and the coaching changes he made aren’t going to fix that. They will probably win a game or two they shouldn’t this year, but in the end they will be at the bottom.

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        Ute Fan

        So who do you have as 2nd crappiest team in each division?

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          Ute Fan

          North = Oregon – Despite the talent he inherited, I don’t think Taggart is going to hit the ground running.

          South = UCLA, Arizona, or Colorado – Take your pick. Any one of them could be in the bottom two this year. The most likely is Arizona, but Colorado is right next to them with the loss of their DC, most of their defense, and the off-season distractions involving MacIntyre and the assistant coach who got in trouble. UCLA could go either way in my opinion.  

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      Ute Fan

      North – Cal is the worst team in the conference. They suck. 

      South – Arizona. I think ASU will be a lot better than people give them credit for. I think ASU upsets someone and makes a bowl game, same with OSU. ASU’s QB is just too good. He might be the third best QB in the conference behind Darnold and Rosen. 

      For second to last place in the north, I have two contenders. OSU and WSU. I know, I know, WSU is all that right now. AND, they could very well be all that. BUT, if Falk goes down early, I could see the wheels falling off that train and they just imploding. Leach is a great coach when things are going well and maybe the worst coach in the country when things are going poorly. 

      I’d officially say OSU, but it wouldn’t shock me at all if WSU missed going to a bowl game. Also, wouldn’t shock me at all if WSU won the north. 

      For second to last place in the south, I’d say Arizona State or UCLA. I think USC wins the south, Utah comes in second, and Colorado ends up with 7-8 wins. That leaves UCLA and ASU. I could easily see either team imploding ala WSU, and with each team’s QB, I could see either team stunning the world and winning the south. Never count out kids who are fighting for a coach on the hot seat…or never be surprised when they mail it. 

      My official second to last place pick for the south? 

      UCLA. They are too soft to fight for their coach. 

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      Ute Fan

      North Cal, OSU.  Beavers are much improved, but the top of the North is way ahead talent wise.

      Cal long term is doomed. They might now have a better coach, but the school is deep in the red financially. They face a hostile faculty and students. 
      Dykes left the new staff in a difficult position. Little talent, new schemes. This season Cal is the “easy” win of the conference.

      South, the parity makes predictions difficult.  $C, then there’s gonna be a lot of ties record wise.
       I’ll guess UA will be looking up at either the Devils or Buffs.  Graham has been bragging about his team’s determination and off season focus. Graham is the weakest coach in the conference. Except for one coach he does less with Mor(a).
      I think Mac’s off the field issues could affect his and the Buff’s prep this off season.  He’s a good coach, and will reload Colorado.  They’re gonna surprise. I think distractions hurt them this season.
      Rich Rod has the biggest challenge recruiting. Tuscon is a coaching graveyard. He’s a lot of entertaining talk but the team lacks overall strength and depth. I have respect for his RPO strategy that’s beaten Utah several seasons. I could see beardown upset some better teams. Utes need to go down there healthy and focused.
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      Ute Fan

      Now my thing is based solely on distaste and not on the field quality.

      North: Oregon and Washington. Their fans are insufferable.

      South: USC and UCLA. Their fans are also insufferable. But RichRod and Graham are very very close. And Mac is s**tty just for his handling of the D.C. Fiasco.

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      Ute Fan

      Don’t think there are two crappy teams in each division. Cal and Arizona maybe the bottom two, with Oregon and Colorado 9th and 10th. 3rd-8th is a toss up.

      I will say that overall defenses seem to be taking a step back this year, so if Utah can put out a successful red zone offense, I think they may win the PAC 12 championship.


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