Who could be back next year.

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        Ute Fan

        Coach Whittingham just said, but we’ve got about a dozen guys that are in that same boat -weighing their options to go pro or come back for another year. There’s quite a few guys and we’ve already begun those discussions.

        It is amazing to me to think about how many guys COULD be coming back next year.

        We only have 13 seniors on this team.
        Miles Battle
        Luke Bottari
        Jatravis Broughton
        Chase Carter
        Chris Curry
        Hayden Furey
        Brant Kuithe
        Johnny Maea
        Mycah Pittman
        Cameron Rising
        Jason Siaosi
        Emery Simmons
        Thomas Yassmin

        However, I only think 10 of those are scholarship players. (Siaosi, Carter, and Bottari I think are not)

        But only Battle, Furey, Maea, and Simmons have lost all hope of eligibility next year.
        Yassmin played in 5 games which means a medical year is not likely but they could ask.
        Rising, Pittman, Kuithe, and Curry should be granted a medical year if desired. (All played fewer than 4)
        Broughton is interesting because he is listed as a senior but he played in 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023. However 2020 doesn’t count and he only played a couple of games in 2021 before he was injured so he should be able to get a medical year or redshirt. He should have one more year if he wants it.

        Next we have the juniors that many have played 4 years but they can play 1 more because of 2020.
        Players like Vele, Laumea, Bernard, Damuni, Fillinger, and more.

        If every one DECIDED to come back and the coaches would go along with it along with a couple of medical years being granted. We would only lose 4 Scholarship players. Battle, Simmons, Furey, and Maea.(Probaly Yassmin too) Only two of those are getting or got significant minutes. (Battle & Yassmin) The others do play and contribute on special teams and occasionally on offense or defense.

        It will be very interesting to see who chooses to stay.

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        Ute Fan

        I would love to see them restock at tight end and running back especially if they’re getting clues Rising is coming back. They were so efficient and lethal with that combination.

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          Ute Fan

          We have a lot of TE’s right now. Most are redshirting. But I think King is really setting himself apart both with catching and blocking. I think a couple of the younger guys will really be making names for themselves next year.

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            Ute Fan

            King will be a star. He needs to get a rid bit bigger, but he has a ceiling like Kincaid.

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        I think Maea could still redshirt this year even if he plays in the next 2 games. Agree?

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        Ute Fan

        Hopefully Bills and Laumea come back. They are by far the best lineman we have. I’d welcome Maea back if he is actually that good, but we never get to see him, even though I could have sworn he was a game time decision for Oregon State…

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          Ute Fan

          Unfortunately Bills is leaning to going, but not 100% solidified yet there’s still a chance.

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        Ute Fan

        I don’t see Yassmin coming back, I thought he wanted to go back to Australia and almost did so last off-season.

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