• In the early 80’s I was a young teenager and was lucky to attend every home game for free. After halftime I found the closest seat possible with my friends and became a Ute fan forever. If you ever bought a program walking down the hill to the game or on the east stadium side while in your seat we may have had an exchange. During the winter months…[Read more]

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    It would be a dream come true if we had back to back Rose Bowl appearances. One with Ohio St and the other with Michigan would just be incredible. This year Michigan and Ohio St. will both be undefeated when they go against each other in thier last game. I would hate to see Alabama sneak back into the top 4 again but if they get passed LSU it’ll…[Read more]

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    I wouldn’t be surprised if N.D. reached out to LSU and offered up Brian Kelley just so they could cherry pick Luke Fickell / Cincinnati from their back yard.

  • I like the comparison that Cameron Rising could grow into the level of a Brian Johnson type QB. Rising isn’t going to get drafted to the NFL but he is going to get better. I hope he gets the chance to light it up against UCLA and USC this year.

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    I haven’t seen it posted anywhere but does anyone know if a QB3 was assigned? I’m curious who Rising sees as his top threat next year if he doesn’t get much plaing time in 2021.

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    From what I’ve read the new rumor of the AAC looking to pick off the remaining BIG 12 members probably has some truth to it. If it happens OK & TX wouldn’t have to pay their exit fees, the AAC protects itself from being dissolved and ESPN will have TV rights to both the SEC & AAC.

    I think the future of college football is now in the hands of the…[Read more]

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    I hope they score 45 against AZ and get their Sun Belt hopes up again and then get shut out against the Utes. I want them to realize they don’t belong and it’ll take them 10 + years IF they get to a P5 conference before they’ll have a chance.

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    I understand we have a few recruits coming this weekend. I just read that an athlete/wide receiver is coming that just decommitted from AZ State today.
    Does anyone know the name or what happened to the 6’8″ WR, #1 target for Jayden Daniels while in high school? Utah ws is #1 choice but he didn’t sign.

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