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        Ute Fan

        The reason why the Media Local and National. Don’t talk up Utah. Is because Utah is the opposite of CU…

        Utah is not flashy, utah does not boast, Utah is not unique. Do I wish they were more ? Sure, but, I will take winning and Rose Bowls, and PAC -12 titles while curb stomping Caleb Williams over Flashy anyday.

        Ute fans (At least many here), hate the way Utah wins. I don’t understand it. Every year it’s the same thing. It’s seriously like groundhogs day every year.

        Our injuries are insane…. yet, we are still 3-0.

        UCLA, is coming into RES with a true freshman QB. I dont care how good they looked against NC tech college. Or how many stars he had. It’s the first road game for this kid outside of CA. Our D is nasty and will only get better as we get more guys back. And even if we don’t we just plug and play. It’s a system, it’s a way of life… I promise you.. CU will get punched in the mouth and will fold like a paper tiger. They almost got smoked last night, at home, against a mid tier MTN WEST TEAM. USC same thing, everyone looks amazing until they get punched in the face.. The difference is when you play Utah. We knock you down. You swing back, but then we just keep getting up over and over again. Team Other than maybe 0SU don’t know how to handle that. That’s why Utah is so successful, it’s in our DNA from our head coach down to the strength staff.

        Whitt cares about one thing, the W. Whether it’s by 1 point or 30. It doesn’t matter to him. We get all in our feelings about it. until we line up against the CU’s or UO or USC and are shocked with Utah either beats them or makes it so ugly that the other team barely wins….

        Finally yes, Without CR we will struggle on the road. I still believe even without him we win out at home.

        osu, usc, uw, AZ would be tough. We would be lucky to go 2-2. 1-3 would be more realistic. Just because NJ is so young. But, maybe not. Whit says the kid never flinches. maybe he can get it done.

        I still think CR comes back.. I’m hopeful it’s against UCLA. But even if he doesn’t I think we will be fine.

        Its in our DNA

        DEATH… TAXES… UTAH FOOTBALL (Joel Klatt)

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        Ute Fan

        Two things.

        I do not care about CU until we play them in November. Coach Prime is the King of Hype. I don’t care.

        We here are all Ute fans and have different expectations. It isn’t for me to judge.

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