• I am not convinced the WR recruiting has been bad. Look at Bryan Thompson, a 3*/4* recruit and Solomon Enis a solid 4* recruit. Both are recent recruits with impressive offer lists. They are young, and haven’t had their breakout seasons yet, but I am expecting that this year. If they don’t end up being excellent receivers, then the problem is…[Read more]

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    Interesting that the team has noticed that BYU has been talking. I know OnlyU mentioned it – so the staff knows it. And Blackmon here mentions it.

    I love it. BYU players and fans talking is the worst thing for them. It increases the “chip on the shoulder” for the Utes. Stupidest thing for BYU to be talking and have the Utes take notice. Stupid.…[Read more]

  • Here’s a bit of twisted logic. Utah hasn’t won at USC since what? 1916? I think. I honestly believe that will be a contributing motivating factor to win at the Colliseum this year. Granted, the motivation to win the South you have to probably win at the Colliseum is by far the strongest motivating factor. But the embarrassment of not winning…[Read more]

  • Remove the “#slide5” from the end of the link, and it will go to the beginning of the article.

  • #5 Leki Fotu. And to think that he was a Rivals 2-star recruit. I remember on signing day Whitt talking about him and briefly mentioning how ridiculous it was that he was considered a 2-star player.

  • The comments are good also. Lots of praise for Whittingham.

  • Yup. I read that thread. Something about a few bad throws by Huntley against Washington being the difference in that game, but forgetting a pick-six by Wilson being the difference in the rivalry game.


    Personally, it does appear that perhaps Wilson can be a pretty good QB for them – nothing against that happening. Hope the kid does…[Read more]

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    They are confident because they always have the attitude that the better team lost. Meaning it is always some anomaly that causes them to lose. In the Vegas Bowl it was bad luck with turnovers. Or 2016 was bad calls by the refs. Or Bradlee’s knee was down. Or whatever. Sooo close they think.

    Now, take last year. Up 27-7 in the 2nd half. Then,…[Read more]

  • Here’s a tweet:

    Didn’t he have to quit because of concussions?

  • Well, Washington State typically has good pass protection. So maybe he has good skills in that – something that Utah could use.

  • I attended a spring scrimmage and got a good look at Rising up close. While he may not be really tall, the guy is well built. He should be able to sustain some hits – looking forward to watching his career. One really good thing about Rising is what OnlyU said in another thread – that the players have really warmed up to him – so some leadership…[Read more]

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    I was always planning on getting my education at BYU. After I got home from my mission, I went down to BYU to apply for the next semester, but I missed the deadline. I didn’t want to wait to attend school, so I decided to attend Weber State for a few years – I hadn’t missed their deadline – did so and got my Associates degree.

    I was still…[Read more]

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    Utah hasn’t always played to their potential the first game because the first game has typically been some team like Weber State. They probably held back the play calling or even preparation for that game specifically because of the far inferior opponent.

    However, remember that Utah came out and performed well against Michigan in the first game…[Read more]

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    Excellent information. We can’t thank you enough for taking the time to keep us informed!

    15. 9 is coming

    Can’t wait for the season to start (a long ways off, I know!). I sometimes lurk on Cougarboard, and their fans are supremely confident they will finally get their win this year, simply based on the way they played in last year’s first half -…[Read more]

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    Crazy to think what might have been for him had he made that first kick in the first game of the season a few years ago. He may not have made that announcement had he simply made that kick.

  • This KSL link has the road closures.

    I will be at the game, and coming from the north of SLC, it is going to be a pain to get there. I might have to cut it close and hope that the 10:30 street open times are honored so I won’t be late. Or go clear down south of 45th south.

    Ugh.…[Read more]

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    I was there.
    I really like the running game. The backs are quick and good. If Moss goes down things should be ok. A few end-arounds worked well. Passing game was adequate. Huntley threw a pick early. He knew it was his fault. There was a lot of the QB under center – lots more than with Taylor. There was some sloppiness with the oline: too many…[Read more]

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    Kicking wasn’t great again at today’s scrimmage. Chayden Johnson again missed a lot. He has plenty of distance though. Hopefully he can get things fixed by fall.

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    I remember attending a few of the spring scrimmages the year after “Automatic Andy” was done. I remember thinking the same thing – the kicking was terrible that spring, at least from the 2 scrimmages that I attended. I remember Samson Nacua absolutely mocking the kickers on the sidelines as they missed kick after kick. But from that mess came Gay,…[Read more]

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