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  • Jumpmasterute

    I think he was surprised someone faster hadn’t beat him to the ball.

  • EUte

    Stevie was so fast the camera couldn’t even keep up with him for a second there.

  • 89ute

    Kind of funny interview with him on Kall – er … espn700. He said EVERY teammate teased him about being too slow and poor ball security.


  • Vegas Ute



  • javadave
  • Washington


  • 89ute

    Icon check (that was for you Moose)

  • cjd1


  • kazute


    • Dugway

      test test test

  • UUtes

    Clicked on topic “teat” – was disappointed.

  • UteBacker


  • Puget Ute


    (and thanks for the awesome Freudian slip Vegas…)

  • TheJuggernaut

    Um, from the topic header I was expecting something a little more than a bunch of tests.

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  • Stradlater

    The new forum is t**s!

  • execUTEioner

    Do threads over here bump to the top?

    • Hockeybeard

      When the site timers get realigned it will. Right now the threads at the top were on a different timezone than they are now, so they look like they are from the future when they were several hours ago.

      (I’m trying to clear them up by posting to the ones still confused).

  • Private messaging isn\'t up or maybe I'm just doing it wrong.


  • Tony (admin)

    I’ve sent/received a few messages. I’ll put an Inbox link under “member” menu eventually.

  • Good job!

    Not bad for one day’s work!

  • Crimson Clover

    Agreed. I hope this site gets traction.

  • Tony (admin)

    Many thanks. Spread the word! And please feel free to critique and make suggestions. We are just getting started.

    Posted from my phone!

    • javadave

      Wow, the format works amazingly well on my iPhone 6+. I’d actually be willing to donate for this. 😉


      Edit to say, you may want to rethink the logo. I’m seeing lots of comments on it.

  • MauchDawgUte

    Portrait on 5s doesn’t look great. Replies are almost like huge columns of text. Landscape works well but I imagine most people will read in portrait. Nice work on getting the site up. I hope this coup is a success. 🙂

    • javadave

      Agreed. It does look a bit columnish on replies.

      • Tony (admin)

        Yes reply format on mobile sucks for now. I’ll fix it at some point.

  • Like the block UH logo. I grew up in Houston and it makes me think

    University of Houston every time I see it. That’s not really a bad thing though.

  • Tony (admin)

    We will have a new logo soon!