Anyone else at the Crimson Club luncheon?

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      Ute Fan

      If so… stage far left, 2nd row of tables from the front, black Ute shirt, shaved head. Come say hello after you finish your brunch!

      I will post stuff here as it’s talked about by Coach Whit!

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      Ute Fan

      I may love you. Such strange feelings right now. 

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      Ute Fan

      Don’t feel weird. There’s no shame in loving me. I’m a teddy bear. I’m a security blanket. 🙂

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      Ute Fan

      Lynn Roberts leads off – women’s basketball coach.
      Volleyball is 20th
      Cross country 17th
      Football 16th
      Women’s BB is undefeated 😉

      Whit just showed up… Roberts is still talking…

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      Ute Fan

      Ok here’s Whit!

      Knocked UCLA for their 1/2 full stadium
      Loves that we sellout
      He watches the new scoreboard, finds it very strategically advantageous
      This week – Washington has scored 200 points and given up 24 in first half this year
      2nd half is more balanced, but it will be a challenge
      We had a good contingency of red at the rose bowl, loved it
      Huge kudos to Joe Williams

      Now getting into the film…

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      Tacoma Ute
      Ute Fan

      I envy you! I wish I was sitting there. Thanks for the reports.

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      The second half scoring stats for UW are meaningless in terms of game planning other than we need to start off fast and stay on the go pedal. UW has had the luxury of backing off the go pedal in the 2nd half. The better comp would be the AZ game.

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      Ute Fan

      Kickoff return
      We had run almost exclusively with the short side
      This year ran to short side to get defense going one way then cut the other way, worked perfectly
      First 4-5 steps towards sideline
      Then pivots and goes to wide side, perfect blocking everywhere
      Julian Blackman great block

      Now Joe Williams
      Zone block worked amazing
      Joe is faster these last 2 weeks, Kyle is amazed, something has changed
      Don’t make runs without great OL play, and OL was amazing all afternoon

      2nd long TD
      Gap scheme instead of zone scheme
      Tevi kicks someone down
      Bolles pulled and was amazing
      Great seal
      Knocked Joe for stepping and pointing
      Said “please don’t do this again” lol

      Last one of joe, same exact play
      Same blocking, and Joe just outran everyone

      Defensive stuff
      Gap defense on 4th and short
      Linemen submarined
      Fogel makes great tackle because DL did a great job and gave him a straight shot

      Showed one of the interceptions
      Brian Allen’s interception baiting QB into throwing long route instead of the short
      Well played

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      Ute Fan

      Ok back to huskies

      No weaknesses. Strength is defense. We feel they haven’t had as physical a team as us so well be ready

      We are banged up, don’t really talk about injuries but it’s demonstrated the depth to the program, worked hard last 5 years to build up depth and it’s paying off


      Impact of passing game has been huge. TW really loosens up the D. Receiving core is coming into their own. Seosi is playing well. Patrick hopefully this week will be 100%

      Must win positional battle is line of scrimmage. Every game Washington has won. If we can stand toe to toe he likes our chances.

      Convo with Joe to come back – he was expecting the call 🙂
      Whitbtalked to Dennis, he asked what about Joe and Dennis said he was thinking the same thing
      He didn’t commit right away until he talked to wife and parents
      Wanted to be ready physically amdentally, and assessed, then called back and said he was all in
      Showed up at practice and hasn’t looked back.

      Penalties – too many in first half last week. Doesn’t agree with chop block. Wants to be aggressive, doesn’t want to be least penalized. He wants to eliminate ignorant penalties – out of bounds tackle, for example.

      Red zone efficiency – still a problem. Can’t spend any more time on it cuz they do so much. Turnover was the route being run incorrectly. It’s something that is work and progress. There is a plan to win

      1. Defense
      2. Turnovers
      3. Red zone scoring

      If we get Marcus back, game time decision, and will start. Fogel did great and will be the guy if not Marcus and then Godfrey.

      Chase is #1 then Thompson.

      Hoping for the vest for Marcus but not sure right now.

      Joe’s scholarship
      They didn’t dock his scholarship. NCAA rule is that if he voluntarily leaves you can take away and replace it but with Joe there was no hard feelings, he graduates in December, it was coaches option and they’ve never really taken a scholarship if good intrntions.

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      Ute Fan

      That’s it. Now pumping the hand painted helmets.

      They are good luck. 🙂

      And… We’re out!!!

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        Ute Fan

        Thanks for the updates!

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        Thanks for the summary. Really appreciated by those of us that can’t attend.

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